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Choosing Wisely: A Handy Guide to Deciding What Baby Items to Keep

Written by Secondful AE
Choosing Wisely: A Handy Guide to Deciding What Baby Items to Keep

You didn’t realize how time flew with your little one growing up so fast, but one thing you must’ve realized by now is the mountain of baby stuff you've amassed over the years. Sorting through baby stuff can be a serious head-scratcher. Check out these guidelines to figure out what's worth keeping and what's better off finding a new home. 

Why Clearing Out Baby Stuff Can Be Tricky?

First off, there's this crazy flood of pricey baby stuff coming at you. It's like every company's racing to create the next big thing for new parents (truth time: some are game-changers, others are kinda meh). 

You also get advice from your other new parent friends and follow their footsteps (in some cases) to buy this gear and the other. And not to forget those expensive gifts from that memorable baby shower, and the idea of letting them go? Ouch! Just picture having to buy them all over again later – that's another hole to your wallet. 

Plus, if you're thinking of having more kids, deciding what to keep for ‘baby #2’ and what to let go gets all the more tricky! And then, cuteness alert! Baby stuff is like the ultimate heart-melterespecially if you're a big fan of the newborn phase, it's like they’ve got a puppy face saying, “Keep me forever!” 

But hold up, take a deep breath! If you're getting all tangled up in the to-keep-or-not-to-keep dilemma, there are nifty tricks to make this whole decision making process way simpler. You got this! 

Factors to Consider When Deciding Which Baby Items to Keep

  • Usage Frequency: Consider how often you used the item with your baby. If it was a daily necessity, it might be worth holding onto. But if it was rarely used, it could be a candidate for letting go. 

  • Age and Developmental Stage: Babies outgrow things quickly. Check if the item is age-appropriate and suitable for your child's current stage of development. If it's too advanced or they've outgrown it, it might be time to part ways. 

  • Emotional Attachment: Certain items might hold sentimental value. These could be worth keeping, but if you’re an especially sentimental person, it can feel like everything has special meaning. In such cases, it’s best to set limits for yourself even for practical items! 

  • Safety and Condition: Safety is paramount. If an item is damaged, missing parts, or has been recalled, it's probably best to get rid of it. You don't want to compromise your baby's safety. 

  • Space and Storage: Consider how much storage space you have. Some items can take up a lot of room. If space is limited, prioritize items that are both necessary and space-efficient. 

  • Family Planning: You heard it right! Unless you’ve had an unplanned pregnancy, keeping items for baby #2 can save you money in the long run. But if you're aiming for a considerable gap between your kids, like around 4 to 5 years, keeping onto these items might not be the best choice, since you’re unsure of the gender too. Think about whether repurchasing these items would be a financial strain and whether keeping them in good condition is feasible.

Smart Questions to ask for Organizing Baby Gear (by Category) 

Q. For Mamas– Should I keep the breast pump and nursing/ feeding appliances I relied on? 

Whether you formula-feed or breast-feed or both, you must’ve used tons of nursing and feeding appliances like breast pumps, pillows, bottle warmers and sterilizers. If all those gadgets made life slightly less chaotic, consider holding onto them. However, if they’re stowed away gaining dust, it's time to consider saying goodbye. Remember, those tools have played their part in nurturing your little one. Give them a second home before they lose their working condition by listing them on online marketplaces like Secondful

Q. The stroller that requires an engineering degree to fold - keep or not? 

Are you planning on entering stroller-folding competitions? No? Then ditch the complicated contraption. Keep the stroller that folds faster than you can say "baby burrito." Either way, remember, if it's in good condition, let it find a new home where someone might enjoy deciphering the folding puzzle. 

Of course, if you’re one of those parents whose baby refuses to sit in the ‘folds faster’ stroller, then consider rehoming that one too. Don’t hold on to your wish that ‘someday’ my baby might sit in it. They may not- accept it and consider getting them another travel system instead.

Q. Is the baby bathtub now a toy storage bin? 

There’s tons of infant bath tubs made for those tiny tushies. But babies outgrow them real quick. If bath time has turned into a splashy playtime extravaganza, you might want to repurpose that tub. But if it's being used as yet another storage bin, it's time to wave goodbye. This goes for all similar sized items like the bassinet, car seat or crib.

Q. The mountain of stuffed animals in the corner - keep or donate? 

If your living room looks like a stuffed animal zoo, it's time to thin the herd. Keep a few favorites, but let go of the rest. Donating them to a local children's charity or giving them away can turn your plush overload into someone else's snuggly dreams.

Q. That high chair which is only there to trip someover over? 

Ask yourself if your baby has settled into the high chair you’ve purchased or is it time for a simpler solution. Keep the high chair that's a breeze to use and sanitize, and one that is

trip-over proof! Consider the straps, cushioning and height adjustment that comes with these chairs. Remember, simplicity is the spice of life, especially when dealing with baby gear.

Q. The baby monitor - keep now that they're off to college? 

Unless you're hoping to eavesdrop on your adult child's life (not recommended and definitely not legal), it's time to part ways with the baby monitor. It's had its time helping you avoid stepping on Legos at 2 AM; now, it can help someone else get through those sleepless nights. Electronic gadgets' lifetime value drastically goes down over time, so it’s best used on some cute little baby’s crib rather than stored in your closet for years.

Q. The baby carrier that once gave you muscles of steel? 

If it's been replaced by a backpack that carries a small village's worth of snacks, toys, and spare clothes, bid it farewell. Keep the carrier that suits you well, is ergonomic and easy on your back. 

Did You Notice The Common Thread? 

You probably noticed the common thread throughout these categories: the key to making decluttering easy is to ask yourself if your baby items can benefit someone else’s family rather than thinking about if your baby may need it someday. 

There you have it, folks! Don't let those baby items gather dust in your closet. Keep what brings joy and serves a purpose, and give the rest a second home. At Secondful is a consignment based marketplace for buying and selling used kids and baby gear. We are passionate about helping parents Clear Out their kids' belongings. Learn more about the items we accept. Your home will thank you, and other parents will too. Happy decluttering!


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