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our mission

We are on a mission to create an impossibly convenient and thoughtful way for parents to re-commerce their kids & baby gear, all while rocking sustainability and secondhand awesomeness.

We hope to create a legacy of sustainable parenting.

Our Core Values


You know what they say, trust is a two-way street. We get it - if we want to earn your trust, we've got to give it first.


We're very much about making a difference, both in our community and on our planet.


Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and bringing them joy and delight is one of our top priorities.


We believe in infusing fun into everything we do or offer, because life's too short to not enjoy the ride!

The Highest Standards

We set the bar high and aim for nothing less than exceptional, because our kids deserve the best!


A thoughtful, cheerful, impactful way to shop & clear out your kids & baby gear


Choose what to sell
Schedule a pick-up
Leave the rest to us!

We take photos, check quality, recommend pricing, list & market your items across UAE.

Once sold, cha-ching! cash out up to 90% of sale price.. now that's big bucks.

Feel happy that your gear has found a second home.



Why shop with us?

We've got you covered

Trust us with your purchase — quality-checked and safely delivered.

We're transparent

Know exactly what you're getting so you are fully informed before you buy.

We're fun

Experience a thoughtful, cheerful & meaningful way to recirculate gear.

do good. repeat.


’Second’‘ful’—a blend of second-hand treasures and a mindful, thoughtful, cheerful approach to shopping for your little ones. That’s exactly what we set out to create. As parents, we grew frustrated knowing there was no easy way out there to declutter or sell the ever-growing pile of our little ones’ stuff.

Fueled by similar experiences among all our parent friends, we created Secondful—a brand that, we hope, resonates with todays’ like-minded parents who value sustainability, affordability, and convenience. We wanted to modernize the re-commerce experience for parents, offering a fun, easy, and trustworthy online store to shop and sell used kids and baby gear.

We call on the parent community of the UAE to join us in choosing ‘The Secondful Way’, of conscious shopping, making mindful choices for our families and our future generations. Together, let's make the world a greener place, one happy child and one satisfied parent at a time.

Secondfully Yours,

Shruthi & Zahra


Peace-of-mind Guarantee!

We only list items that get a thumbs up from our 5-point quality inspection, so you know what you're buying is safe & is 'Secondfully approved'.

The Power of Recirculation

We believe in extending the life of your little ones belongings by finding it a second home while creating less waste.

Doing Good for the Planet

We commit to making a positive impact by promoting conscious shopping and sustainable parenting.



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