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Seller FAQs

Got Questions? Get Answers.


Our mission is to make buying and selling secondhand kids and baby gear impossibly convenient and hassle-free for you. And so we have created a meaningful, thoughtful & cheerful way for you to re-commerce your little one’s belongings that sets us apart from the conventional ways. Read more about us here.

Easy-Peasy. All you have to do is fill our Clear Out form and set a date for your item(s) pick-up. We’ll take care of the rest for you. Check out how it all works here.

As of now, we operate all across the UAE. In the future, we hope to serve you in more countries.

Our Clear Out service is FREE and includes

  • Quality-check Inspection, quick cleaning, sanitizing, photography, product research, writing descriptions and pricing, listing, and storing your items until they sell
  • Marketing of your items to customers across the UAE
  • Online payment processing fees

The first pick-up of your items is FREE. The second pick up on, we deduct a small fee of AED 15 from your payout. Other fees we charge based on condition include

Deep Cleaning (if needed)

AED 10 per item

All we need is for you to fill up our easy peasy 5 step form. We’ll take care of the rest. 

Ready to Clear Out? Fill this form.

As we grow, we may accept more and more gear from you, so keep an eye out on this section. Currently accepting gear for ages 0-7 years. 

Here’s a list of items we can currently accept in a clean condition:

Activity Centers

Arts & Craft

Baby Carriers

Baby Loungers

Baby Proofing

Baby Walkers


Bath Accessories

Bath Toys


Booster Chairs

Bouncers & Rockers

Breast Pumps

Building Toys

Car Seats

Changing Pads

Cleaning Equipment

Diaper Bags

Diaper Pails

Diapers & Wipes

Educational Toys

Electronics & Vehicles

Feeding & Nursing Pillows

Feeding Appliances

Feeding Gear (new & open box)

Floor Seats

Gyms & Playards

High Chairs

Hygiene Gear

Baby Monitors and Machines

Musical & Soft Toys

Nursing Accessories

Play Mats

Pool Toys

Potty Training Gear (must be squeaky clean)

Pretend Play

Puzzles & Games

Storage & Organization

Strollers & Stroller Accessories


Travel Cots

Here’s what we can’t accept:

  • — Books, clothing and footwear
  • — Items with no brand name
  • — Used soft / plush toys
  • — Outdated or end-of-life items
  • — Oversized furniture (e.g. nursery furniture, baby cots, cribs, toddler beds, large doll houses, large playpens etc)
  • — Outdoor equipment (e.g. big cycles / garden slides / swings / playhouses etc)
  • — Strollers over 10 years old
  • — Car Seats over 8 years old
  • — Super unclean items
  • — Unsafe, broken or recalled items
  • — Used feeding and teething gear

All other gently-used, clean and intact gear is also welcome! Still not sure if your item can be accepted? Write to us at

We accept any gently-used, clean and intact gear. Your items need to be in fully working condition and not heavily worn out.

You can conveniently choose a slot for our first FREE pick-up service twice a week, every Tuesday and Saturday between 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM.

We’ll keep you posted about all the happenings of your items. Plus, you will have access to your personal Clear Out dashboard to view the status of your listed items.

Each of your items go through our 5-point quality-check inspection and items that don’t make the cut may be listed but ineligible for a payout, donated or, in some cases, sustainably disposed of. We can send your stuff back for a small fee, starting at AED 15 per shipment (based on total weight).

At this stage, we are only offering a pick up service at your doorstep.

If you’ve changed your mind and your item is listed but not sold yet, we’ll happily send it back to you! Hey but nothing comes free in life, so we’ll charge a processing fee of AED 35 + AED 5 per item for each medium/ large sized item to do so.

Write to us at with Subject: “Item Wanted Back”

We list all items for a consignment period of 120 days beyond which we’ll donate your gear or, in some cases, sustainably dispose of. You have the optIon to have the item returned once 110 days of the consignment window has passed for a processing fee of AED 35 + AED 5 per item for each medium/ large sized item.

Once a month, we drop the price by 5-10% for each item that doesn’t sell and continue to discount its price until sold or the 120-day listing period expires. This is done to give the best chance for your item to sell.

We do! Of course, our sellers get final approval on our recommended prices. Pricing info is available on the Clear Out dashboard as well as communicated to Sellers via email/ Whatsapp and needs to be approved within 3 days.

If we do not hear back from you within 3 days of receiving our pricing info, we'll take it that you’re happy to go ahead and your item(s) go live and be showcased to our community of eager buyers, increasing its chances of finding a new home quickly.

Our pricing algorithm, carefully designed by our in-house team, is based on an item’s current retail price, market demand, condition and data of similar market listings.

All that said, we are continuously refining our algorithm to ensure fair pricing for sellers and great deals for shoppers.

As a small, sustainable business, we’re proud to offer you a competitive Seller payout scale. Our sliding scale payout gives you higher earnings for selling higher-priced items. That’s because processing costs of most lower-priced items are almost as high as, if not higher than, their resale value. 

Here's how it works:

Base Selling Price*

Seller's Payout




AED 1,500+


AED 1,000

AED 1,499


AED 500

AED 990


AED 300

AED 499


AED 100

AED 299


AED 50

AED 99



AED 49


*Payouts are calculated based on the Base Selling Price and not price listed on website which may include Handling Fees.

Any time there is a price drop, the payout is automatically recalculated based on the new Base Selling Price. This price drop ensures your item is competitively priced and potentially sells faster. 

When eligible items sell, you get notified and we'll transfer your earnings straight to your bank account within 18 days from date of delivery or from date of receiving your bank info, whichever is later.

Local transfers are free. For international bank transfers, transfer fees will apply.



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