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Terrified of decluttering? Here’s how you can Clear Out your kids and baby’s belongings

Written by Secondful AE
Terrified of decluttering? Here’s how you can Clear Out your kids and baby’s belongings

“There’s so much stuff at home that my kids have outgrown! Where do I even start?!”

If you feel this way, please know that you’re not alone! This is what we’ve heard from the countless parents we’ve talked to. Honestly, this topic is at the core of what we’re all about at Secondful. We’re passionate about helping parents declutter with ease, making it fun and that’s why we’ve dug deep in this space to figure out impossibly easy solutions. 

What is Clear Out, and why does it matter? 

In our secret parent language, ‘Clear Out’ means to mindfully and intentionally declutter your little ones’ belongings. In essence, it’s about giving your kids and baby's stuff a loving farewell when they've outgrown them. Studies show that decluttering or Clearing Out offers numerous mental health benefits. Say hello to extra peace of mind and free up time for what really matters. It’s an added bonus if you involve your kids in the process of decluttering making them independent, responsible and resourceful!

Not sure of what items to Clear Out or where to get started? Read along to get some guidelines and tips on how you can tame the clutter! 

How to declutter and where to get started? 

1. Start small and start by deciding WHAT you want to declutter. 

Make a list of what needs organizing. List all the areas of your home you want to clear out and refresh. Rather than whole rooms, focus on contained spaces like a drawer, cupboard, nook, or shelf, not entire rooms. For example, you can keep an eye out for toy bins that are overflowing or baby bassinets that are packed to the brim. Once your list is ready, you’re all set to tackle the clutter!

Pro tip: Start by selecting one small area to declutter — perhaps your baby's drawer. You could even start with decluttering a toy bin before turning your attention to the nursery closet later in the day. 

2. Choose what stays and what goes 

    Clearing Out isn’t just about saying goodbye to things. It’s about creating opportunities to re-organize your home with items that you really need and letting go of those that you don’t. When it’s your kids' gear, ask yourself, 

    “Has my little one used this in the past 6 months or year?” If the answer's 'no' or ‘a few times’, it’s time to part ways. Don't fret, you don’t need to toss EVERYTHING! Create a memory box with your child for special keepsakes. 

    Once you’ve got your starting point, sort items into three piles: (1) keep, (2) sell / give-away / donate, and (3) discard (like outgrown/ expired kids gear). This sorts what goes and what stays in their space. 

    - Begin with discarding gear that are no longer safe or functional.
    - Then, choose items to sell or donate – think of things other families might need.
    - Mid to high value gear that are in good working condition are good items to put up for sale. Finally, review what’s left. 

    3. Get Rid of ‘Just-in-Case’ Items 

      Has your parenting brain ever had these thoughts? I need this whole box of memories 'just in case' I want to relive them with my kids.” or, “I'll save this toy ‘just in case’ my baby wants it later.” Truth is, ‘just in case’ often means ‘never’. You probably haven’t opened that box in ages. It's liberating to release these items and create room for what truly matters. Maybe keep your kid's top three faves and let go of the rest. Snap a pic of those possessions if you want to keep the memory alive. Acknowledging that "just in case" usually means never, pushes us to let go of things we're holding onto out of fear and procrastination.

      Pro tip: Every extra item you hold onto 'just in case' is a missed chance to brighten another child's day. Instead of thinking, “What if my kid needs this someday?”, ask, “What if another child needs it today?” 

      4. Involve your kids in the decluttering decision making 

        If you have a newborn or toddler, then you’re better off decluttering while your baby takes a nap for quicker progress. With older kids, involving them in decisions can be golden.By decluttering with your kids and letting them join your Clear Out adventure, you’re allowing them to be more mindful of their belongings and teaching them prioritization skills.You can also gain insight into the person your child is—items that you consider sentimental may not be to them! 

        Children are usually eager to help around the house, if you just ask them—and sometimes even if you don’t! If you’re a busy parent, this can mean more work at first but it is also an opportunity to get them started on lifelong independent habits in the long run. Watch them learn the art of priorities and decision—making while keeping their favorite things close and cozy. 

        Pro-tip: Start by making your kid a checklist of items to sort into (1) keep, (2) sell / give-away / donate, and (3) discard. This will teach them to prioritize their belongings. Displaying their checklist adds to the excitement as they tick items off, seeing their decluttering progress in action! 

        5. Create organizational systems and give each item a designated place 

          Mindful decluttering doesn't mean everything has to be hidden away. To maintain a clean look, utilize stackable drawers, beautiful baby baskets and pretty bins around your home and baby’s room. You don't need to splurge on more storage. Plenty of DIY solutions for kid’s organizational systems await online. You can create designated places for belongings and assign clear, simple tasks for your kids to put things back in their designated spot. 

          - For instance, “Put blocks and legos in the storage box.”

          - “After lunch, tidy up your stationery and colouring books.”

          - “Before bath, toss your laundry in the hamper.”

            6. Celebrate your progress 

              You've waved your decluttering wand, and voila – you’ve got a space that feels lighter and freer! Raise a glass of orange juice and celebrate with your little one! Enjoy your newfound space and appreciate the benefits of a clutter-free home. 

              Ready to tackle the clutter? 

              With our secrets in hand, you're the captain of this ship! Say goodbye to chaos and hello to a world where tiny shoes and giggles rule – the Secondful way. We’re here to help you Clear Out your little one’s belongings in a super easy and convenient way. Learn more on how to Clear Out with Secondful and sign up to start Clearing Out.



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